Chemical Energy


Final Acceptance for Lime Injection Project Received from Nucor Birmingham

INTECO PTI was awarded the contract to install a lime injection system into the EAF at the Nucor Birmingham facility mid-2018. The equipment delivery date was August 2018 and the system started up in September 2018.


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AK Steel Dearborn, MI orders INTECO Fuchs Electrode Arms

AK Steel Dearborn, MI placed an order at Inteco PTI for a brand-new set of Inteco Fuchs current conductive electrode arms for their 250t LRF.

Leadtime is 10 months after approval of all drawings.

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A customer came to us for their lime injection needs, and wanted us to handle everything for them so they didn’t have to manage several different projects.

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CMC Knoxville, TN orders new Gas Coupler System from INTECO PTI

The system will consist of 3 basic (lower) sets as well as 6 ladle (upper) sets that will equip the entire ladle fleet in the melt shop. The order includes engineering, installation supervision and start-up.


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McConway & Torley orders JetBox and Burner System from Inteco PTI

McConway & Torley located in Pittsburgh, PA has ordered a Chemical Energy System for their EAF #1 from Inteco PTI. The order includes a state of the art Oxy/Gas train, burners, forged machined JetBoxes as well as automation and process support during start up and commissioning.



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