Chemical Energy


SSAB Mobile, AL orders Carbon Injection #2 revamp from Inteco PTI

SSAB Mobile, AL has awarded Inteco PTI with the revamp of their existing Carbon Injection pressure vessel unit #2. The entire package consists of engineering, project management, start up and on-site fabrication and commissioning of the entire pipework, controls and all electrical parts.


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CMC Seguin, TX orders a Swing Door

In July 2019 Inteco PTI received an order from CMC Seguin, TX for the equipment supply, start up and commissioning of a Swing Door technology package for their EAF.


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Nucor Steel Berkeley, SC orders upgrades for 4 of their Tundish Preheaters from Inteco PTI

Back in March 2019 Inteco PTI received the order for a tundish preheater CFD study from Nucor Steel Berkeley in South Carolina. Purpose of the study was to clearly identify hot and cold spots during and after the preheating cycle of the Tundish.



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Inteco PTI received FAC from Gerdau Midlothian, TX for a custom designed preheater

Gerdau Midlothian, located in Midlothian, Texas, USA, has purchased a custom designed ladle dryer from INTECO PTI to fit the existing ladle repair building.  The ladle dryer is designed to allow the ladle carrier to deliver a ladle directly under the preheater, where the ladle lid is lowered onto the ladle for drying.  


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Final Acceptance for Lime Injection Project Received from Nucor Birmingham

INTECO PTI was awarded the contract to install a lime injection system into the EAF at the Nucor Birmingham facility mid-2018. The equipment delivery date was August 2018 and the system started up in September 2018.


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