Chemical Energy


Nucor Steel Birmingham Lime Injection Project

Nucor Steel Birmingham has awarded INTECO PTI a Purchase Order to install pneumatic lime injection at the EAF.   The project includes one (1) 100 cuft injection vessel.  Both High Cal and Dolomitic Lime from separate silos are mixed into the single injection vessel.  The lime will be introduced into the EAF through INTECO PTI’s annulus material injection burner.  The burner is capable of introducing up to 5 MW of chemical energy into the furnace and can inject supersonic oxygen into the process along with pneumatically injecting lime through the center of the burner.  This will increase the number of JetBOxes installed in the EAF from two to three.  The project is expected to reduce lime consumption due to spillage from the current material handling system.  The expected installation and start-up date is the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Nucor Kankakee EAF Chemical Energy Project

INTECO PTI was awarded the contract to install a chemical energy system into the EAF at Nucor Kankakee.  The furnace at Nucor Kankakee has never used chemical energy in the EAF.  The new system is composed of a valve train for oxygen and gas flow control, PLC supervisory system and three JetBOxes and burners installed on the EAF sidewall.  The equipment delivery date is August and the system start up is expected in September. 

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Final Acceptance Received from Phoenix Steel

In January 2018, INTECO PTI started up the chemical energy system at Phoenix steel located in Xuan Wei City, China.  The equipment supplied by INTECO PTI included a valve train supply in gas and oxygen to four (4) jetBOxesTM plus a three (3) outlet carbon injector.  This equipment was successfully commissioned into a 140 tonne consteel EAF.  For this installation RTDs were installed into the hot face of all the jetBOxesTM.  The burner and oxygen injection supervisory system monitored the temperature of the jetBOxTM copper hot face and reduced the power of the burner if the operating temperatures went out of range.  The performance of the chemical energy system was outstanding and was able to achieve all of the process goals for this project.  Phoenix awarded INTECO PTI will the Final Acceptance Certificate on 23 March 2018.

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Nucor Hertford Tundish and Ladle Preheater Skid


Nucor Hertford has purchased two (2) Ladle Pre-heater Skids and two (2) Tundish pre-heater skids from INTECO PTI. These skids replace the existing gas and air control system for the ladle and tundish preheaters while reusing the existing refractory lids and structural frames. The package includes the gas control train, the air blower, the burner, the PLC panel and the operator control panel. The operator control panel is a touch screen that includes integrated maintenance information. INTECO PTI's ladle and tundish pre-heater control skids increase the efficiency of the preheating process while reducing the maintenance cost.


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McConway and Torley Oxygen, Aluminum wire and Testing Cart for EAF

McConway and Torley, a steel mill located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, has purchased a cart from INTECO PTI that will deliver oxygen, aluminum wire to the liquid steel bath and allow temperature and product sampling of the liquid steel.  The cart will operate on rails and will use electric motors to move the cart in front of and away from the Electric Arc Furnace.  The cart has three lances that can be individually inserted into and retract from the EAF.   The first lance holds a consumable pipe that will be used to inject oxygen into the liquid steel in the EAF.  The insert depth of the pipe is controlled by the operator and the pipe can be set to automatically advance as the pipe is worn away by the liquid steel bath.  The flow of oxygen is automatically controlled and the lance automatically retracts after the prescribed amount of oxygen is injected into the EAF process.    The second lance holds a special tube that allows aluminum wire to be injected into the liquid steel bath with an argon gas shroud.  The special tube is consumable and will be replaced each heat.  The cart will hold the aluminum wire cage and wire feeder.  The amount of wire and the speed of wire injection into the process is controlled remotely by the operator.  The third lance is a standard temperature and product sampler.  Standard temperature probes and steel sample probes are fitted to the lance.  The lance inserts into the EAF and takes a temperature or a sample of the liquid steel.  The standard probes are consumable and replace after each use.  The entire cart is controlled remotely from the operator pulpit.  The cart removes the operator from in front of the extremely high radiant heat and molten slag and steel from the EAF.  The cart also eliminates the need for the operator to manually shovel hundreds of pounds of aluminum into the EAF.  The installation of this unique equipment will improve the efficiency of the EAF while greatly improving operator safety.

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