Chemical Energy


Wantai Steel Orders JetBOx and Swingdoor System

Zhejiang Wantai Particular Steel Company Limited, located in Zhejiang outside Shanghai, China, has ordered a JetBOx™ Chemical Energy package, along with a Swingdoor.  Wantai Steel is installing two (2) continuously fed Electric Arc Furnaces, which will be independent of each other.  Each furnace has three (3) JetBOxes™, three (3) supersonic oxygen injection burners, a four burner valve train, a PLC control cabinet, and an Operator Control Computer.  The mill also purchased spare JetBOxes™ and a spare Swingdoor for the offline spare shell.  Wantai Steel plans to start up the furnace on 17 September 2017.   

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Chinese Steel Mill, Phoenix Steel, orders complete chemical energy system from INTECO PTI

Phoenix Steel, located in China, has ordered a complete chemical energy system for their new 120 ton electric furnace. The INTECO PTI chemical energy system will include 4 JetBOxes™ with material injection ports, 4 supersonic burners, a gas train with PLC controls, and the operator HMI system. The purchase order also included a carbon injection vessel with two outlets. Phoenix Steel will receive the equipment in May of 2017.

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Nucor Berkeley JetBOx Trial

Nucor Berkeley recently issued a purchase order to INTECO PTI for a type 387 cast JetBox and a new replaceable front face JetBox that will be comprised of a cast body and a forged copper front face.  The replaceable front face of the JetBOx can be removed and replaced from the cold side of the furnace.  The purchase order also included six (6) INTECO PTI supersonic burners.

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Nucor Birmingham - JetBOX Trial

Nucor Birmingham recently issued a purchase order to conduct trials on the INTECO PTI forged miniJetBOx.  The forged miniJetBOx is constructed from forged copper, and is 18 inches (457mm) wide, 29.5 inches (750mm) high, and 16 inches (405mm) deep.  The miniJetBOx is 60% smaller than the standard JetBOx, but still holds a full size INTECO PTI burner and also has a material injection port.  Nucor Birmingham will install the first miniJetBOx in early May and will operate the JetBOx until the end of July, then assess the value of the miniJetBOx to their process.

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Gerdau Knoxville Lime Injection System

Gerdau Knoxville in Tennesse, USA has ordered a lime injection system for their consteel EAF.  The system consists of engineering for the project, a 150 cuft injection vessel, and a water cooled injection port on the EAF sidewall.   Their current method of adding lime to the consteel scrap conveyor results in a high loss of lime to the offgas system.  The switch to sidewall injection of lime is expected to reduce lime consumption and increase control over the slag chemistry.

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