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Hoganas Halmstad, Sweden orders new Swing Door from INTECO PTI Europe

INTECO PTI Europe received the order for a Swing Door system from Höganäs Group in Sweden, the world leader in metal powder solutions, for their 50T EAF at the Halmstad location.

The Swing Door will help enhance safety of operation and improve, among others, metallic yield, electrode consumption and electrical energy consumption. By keeping the slag door closed for almost the entire heat, the EAF operation will have a better foamy slag control and more stable melting process.  The slag door will only be opened for temperature / steel samples and de-slagging. The equipment is scheduled to be delivered in end of June and equipment installation is scheduled for last two weeks of July in 2019.

The operator training is divided into two stages. The first stage of the training will take place in MHG Graz, Austria, where the slag door is installed from 2016 to help operators to better understand all the benefits of the new device. The second stage of the training will take place at Höganäs plant in Halmstad after equipment commissioning will be done.

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