Chemical Energy

Inteco PTI received FAC from CMC Seguin, TX for EAF SwingDoor

CMC Seguin Texas USA, has purchased a SwingDoor technology package for their EAF.  The Swing Door is designed to enhance Safety and to improve foamy slag control by keeping the slag door closed for almost the entire heat.  The slag door will only be opened for temperature / steel samples and de-slagging. By keeping the slag door closed, less energy is lost, less carbon is consumed, and more metallic yield is conserved. The door eliminates the need to push scrap, this virtually eliminates operational delays related to pushing equipment and temperature/sample probe manipulator as well as repair costs to maintain.

First results indicate outstanding improvement of operational delays, electrical energy consumption, metallic yield, electrode consumption, delta roof life etc.

The FAC was issued in April 2020 and the equipment is working to full satisfaction.

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