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New order for a Mould Level Control System for a Slab Caster received

An undisclosed customer in the US recently ordered a Mould Level Control Package for their slab caster from INTECO PTI.

The Mould Level Control System consists of:

  • Electro-mechanical servo actuator (stopper control system)
  • Technological Package - Mould level Master

A new electro-mechanic servo actuator will replace the existing hydraulic actuator to:

  • Improve automatic start of cast practice.
  • Improve accuracy of mould level control especially for improved surface quality
  • Improve maintenance of new system as spare parts purchasing for existing system is becoming difficult

The system will have following additional features:

  • The new Electro-mechanical servo actuator will be installed on the tundish car without the need to unplug/plug cables and connections.
  • A manual mould level control with lever system for fast take over and accurate control in manual mode (as per existing hydraulic system).
  • Disabling of automatic control is performed by electrical disconnection (push-buttons with indicators).
  • Increased operator safety by eliminating hydraulic system for stopper control on tundish car


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