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New orders from Nucor Hertford

Nucor Hertford has ordered a customized Ladle and Tundish Preheater upgrade package from INTECO PTI. 

The whole revamping package consists of three Horizontal Ladle Preheater Upgrades, two Vertical Ladle Preheater Upgrades and a new Tundish Dryer.   

The three Horizontal Ladle Upgrade will include a new Burner, new Valve Train and Siemens controls. 

The two Vertical Heater Upgrades will include switching their old Allen Bradley processors to new Siemens processors to match the rest of their Melt Shop, as well as completely replacing old combustion air system with a new variable speed blower system. 

Lastly the new Tundish Dryer will be a free-standing dryer located in tundish repair area.  We will be supplying the refractory lid, and also a self-contained hydraulic unit.  System will also be using Siemens processor as well. 

All preheater components will be engineered, and fully custom built in our own workshop here in Tucker, GA.

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