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Ternium Siderar, Argentina orders new Gas Coupler System from INTECO PTI

Inteco PTI received the order for a ladle Gas Coupling system from Ternium Siderar, Argentina

The system will consist of 5 double (lower) sets as well as 16 double ladle (upper) sets that will equip the entire ladle fleet in the melt shop. The order includes engineering, installation supervision and start-up.

The gas coupling system is the quickest, safest, most reliable and most maintenance friendly automatic connection device for the stirring gas supply to the steel ladle available on the market. The system ensures the supply of the stirring gas to the ladle automatically. The technology eliminates manual operation to couple and decouple of couplers from gas source to ladle.

Additional advantages of this system are:

  • No more operator presence next to ladle full of liquid steel
  • The high flexibility in the X-,Y-,Z- axis enables the unit to compensate possible misaligned ladle position
  • Simple and sturdy design with good access to all components
  • Any application especially with limited space condition
  • The gas coupling concept provides an absolute independency of any hydraulic, pneumatic media supply or electrical power
  • The unit enables high temperature applications up to 500°C (932°F), e.g. EAF or VOD environments

Lead time is around 10 to 12 weeks and equipment installation is scheduled right after the equipment delivery to site.

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