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US Steel Fairfield, AL orders a customized Ladle Preheater from Inteco PTI

US Steel Fairfield, AL has ordered a customized ladle preheater package from Inteco PTI. The package consists of engineering, project management, start up and commissioning for the project as well as the supply of the equipment. The package also includes the software implementation to the EAF pulpit.

The preheater system will be custom designed to fit in-line with the ladle cart near the furnace.  It will be composed of a free-standing support structure with two columns on either side of the cart rails. A bridge section, supported by the columns, will span the rails.  It will support a moveable fiber refractory lid that contains the burner and air train.  The lid will be hydraulically raised and lowered about two feet.

The bridge height will be kept to a minimum to avoid crane interference.  The bridge will include walkways, handrails and a ladder to allow easy access to the bridge for maintenance, without the need for a harness.

The equipment supply is scheduled for Spring 2020.  

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