Process Automation

Process Automation


The INTECO Level 2 System (IMAS, Inteco Metals Application Suite) supports the steel making process as well as special melting and re-melting processes from administration, planning and work preparation activities across the production up to the quality control of the final or semi-finished products. All of these features are covered by the four modules, the Master Data Management, Process Preparation, Production Level and Quality Control.  The main functions of the IMAS Production Level represent (1) the determination of the present situation, (2) the calculation of the optimal path to reach the target values and (3) guidance to reach the target values under consideration of the dynamic process (unforeseeable events).

The metallurgical models calculate the current state of the steel bath and slag in terms of temperature, mass and chemical composition. These models in combination with the highly flexible process schedules are responsible for the set-point control as well as for all optimization strategies.


  • IMAS Standard (Intelligent Process Automation)
  • IMAS Advanced (Standard  + MES Functionalities)
  • IMAS Professional (Advanced + Customized Solutions)
  • IMAS SM&R (MES System for Special Melting and Re-melting)

USP‘s of INTECO Design

  • Open for costumer specific requirements
  • Integrated administration functions
  • Modular design – the customer’s choice
  • Easy design of highly flexible process schedules
  • Holistic metallurgical approach
  • Adjustable and transparent process models
  • Incorporated production and operating know-how
  • Be on top of things – The Model-Set-Actual – Approach
  • From low to high guidance – No black-and-white thinking
  • State-of-the-Art IT Technology for modern steelmaking
  • Intuitive decision making by high software usability